radicalfeministwitch choose five you like, please.

Since coming here I’ve slowly built this small collection of the little one piece person thingy, haven’t actually seen the show.

Also new bag! And Mikasa!!!


Cool ghost photography by surrealist photographer Cristopher McKenney.


Sculptures by Cameron Stalheim. He is interested in fantasy, reality and the objectification that happens in between.  His website & More of his art


ANTEIKU // a mellow japanese mix for when you’re reading/studying/hanging out with your friend at a cute cafe in tokyo’s 20th ward.


This photo captures the exact moment fiona got all weird and started me fat and making comments on how big my butt was, also something about how I hold my mouth so people thinks small and how I walk and probably how I breathe.

It’s my fav photo tbh, I keep laughing.

She closed the fucking door again.

OMFG fiona kept closing my door because idk she got mad at me for some unknown reason and I was like no I want it open so I kept opening it and then I asked her to stop and then she did this massive sigh and was all like “you said you were a person who didnt always get what they want but you cheat” and I basically just looked at her like rightio whatever, complete bullshit since everytime i dont follow your every whim you turn into arsehole child but okay sure, and then she told me not to leave my room and ugh whatever.

Look at these awful photos Bunny insisted on taking of me.

From today when we went to Prince Kung’s palace and tuesday when we went to the Temple of Heaven.





Baby fell out of the tree. She couldn’t fly very well in the wind, so I picked her up and put her back in her nest :)

Hoorah! PUT BABY BIRDS BACK IN THE NEST GUYS and if you can’t reach the nest but you can see it and the parents are hanging around, you can make a little makeshift nest. THE PARENTS WILL STILL CARE FOR IT the idea that they’ll smell you and reject it is a myth started by people who didn’t want their kids handling wild animals.

Just a quick reiteration of a spring/summertime psa.

That myth is all the more ridiculous once you realize that birds have terrible senses of smell

I’m so happy that someone other than me knows the whole smell and mother birds thing is fake, you guys, think about how many people believe in that myth and have let baby birds die…